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Registration Frequently Asked Questions

What is the permanent register?

It is a database of Yukoners who eligible to vote in territorial elections, sometimes called the "voter list".

To vote in a territorial election, you must be:

  • at least 18 years of age;
  • a Canadian citizen; and 
  • have lived in the Yukon for at least 12 months before polling day

Am I already registered to vote?

Many eligible Yukoners are already registered to vote. You can check that you are registered . If you can't check online, you can call us at 1-866-667-8683.

Why should I add my name to the register?

To vote in a territorial election, you must be registered

If you are registered, you will be mailed a voter information card when an election is called. The voter information card tells you when, where, and how to vote.

Making sure your registration is current will also make the voting process faster.

When will the next territorial election be?

The Elections Act was amended in 2020 to introduce a fixed election date. The next territorial election must occur on or before Monday, November 3, 2025. An election could be called earlier.

Why doesn't my address doesn't show up?

The Yukon has seen significant growth over the last few years. Although we do our best to update street names, some can be missing. You can manually enter your address when you complete your registration. You will need to upload a copy of your identification with your application. 

I updated my information on my driver's licence and heath card, why isn't it updated on the register?

We update the register several times a year using information from:

  • some Yukon government departments, including motor vehicles and insured health
  • the federal government
  • some Yukon First Nations
  • some Yukon municipalities.

There can be delays in sending updates. If your name, address, or gender has changed, you can check online to make sure the register is updated.

Updating your information directly with Elections Yukon using the online registration application ensures your name appears correctly on your voter information card. If you can't update your information online, you can call us at 1-866-667-8683.

What is the difference between a mailing address and a residential address?

Your mailing address is the one you use to receive mail. It may include a post office box number. We need this address to mail you information about when and where you should go to vote.

Your residential address is where you live. It usually consists of a building number, street name, and community name. We need this information to determine what Electoral District you register in.

My ID has my mailing address on it, how do I register?

You will need ID or other documents with your residential address to register online. If you don't have any documents with your residential address, you can still register when you go to vote. An election officer will help you make a declaration.

My identification shows two different names, can I still register?

No. The name on both pieces of ID must be the same. There are many options to show your identity and address.

There is more information for Electors who are changing their names or using a preferred name. Preferred names are those that are different from your legal name.  

How do I remove a deceased person from the register?

If the death occured in the Yukon, you do not need to let us know. A few times a year Vital Statistics shares information on deceased Yukoners. We remove them from the list of electors. There can be delays in receiving updates. If you would like it done sooner, email the completed application

If the death occurred outside of the Yukon, you will need to fill out the application.

I moved to the Yukon; can I register to vote?

To be added to the voter register, you must be:

  • At least 16 years of age
  • A Canadian citizen,
  • Lived in the Yukon for 12 months prior to polling day

How to register for the first time has important information on what is required to ensure that you can vote during the next election.

Note: Although 16 and 17 year olds can be registered, they cannot vote until they are 18 years of age.

I became a Canadian Citizen; can I register to vote?

Yes. Congratulations! You can register for the first time using the online registration application.

I am a permanent resident of Canada; can I register to vote?

No. You must be a Canadian citizen to be included on the register of electors.

I am turning 18 before the next election date, can I register to vote now?

Yes. You must be:

  • a Canadian citizen,
  • at least 16 years of age, and
  • have lived in the Yukon for at least 12 months before polling day

to register to vote.

Although 16 and 17 year olds can pre-register, they cannot vote until they are 18 years of age.

I use a name that's different from my legal name, how can I register to vote?

There is information for Electors who changed their names or use a preferred name. Preferred names are those that are different from your legal name. 

If I register with Elections Yukon can I vote in other elections?

We have agreements to share voter information with Elections Canada and some Yukon municipalities and First Nation governments. It is always best to check and/or update your information with other local electoral bodies.

Can I opt out of the permanent register and keep my right to vote?

Yes. To opt out, email us a completed application.

You will need to re-register to vote at the next election.

I have a question that wasn't answered here; who should I contact?

Contact us by phone or email with any questions or if there is a situation you would like to discuss.