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The Chief Electoral Officer is responsible for the planning, organization, preparation and impartial conduct of territorial electoral events, including territorial general elections, school council elections and school board elections.

Elections Yukon offers information for people who are interested in elections and democracy in the Yukon. These resources help you engage and inform yourself in the political process.

Territorial Election Reports

Corporate Reports

Includes annual reports, election act recommendations, territorial election readiness, electoral activities, and strategic plans.

Election reports

Includes territorial election reports, unofficial results, and official results.

Financial Reports

Includes political finance and election finance reports.

Street Keys

Election Report Archive

Unofficial Election Results

Official Election Results


School Election Reports

Elections Yukon is mandated to administer school council elections and school board elections. There are 19 school councils and two school boards in the Yukon. The Education Act and its Regulations are the source of information regarding election rules and procedures for school council and school board elections.

School Council Election Reports

General elections for school council members are held every two years.

School Board Election Reports

General elections for school board trustees are held every three years.

School Referendum Reports

The Minister of Education requested the support of the Chief Electoral Officer to conduct school referendums on her behalf. These are held as requested by the Minister.

Additional School Election Information


Reports of the Chief Electoral Officer to the Legislative Assembly

The Elections Act requires the Chief Electoral Officer to prepare reports and recommendations to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly. In occordance with the Act, these reports are tabled by the Speaker in the Legislative Assembly.

General Information