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Election Officers

Although there is no election at this time we are collecting applications for future elections.

The next territorial election will require approximately 600 election officers. Election Officers make it possible for electors to vote. Available positions include deputy returning officers, poll clerks, poll attendants, poll supervisors and revising officers. We are now accepting applications. When an election is called, we will contact you. Paid training is provided. No election experience is necessary.


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Revising Officer (RevO)

The Revising Officer provides additional continuity and capacity of service during office hours and revision support to the Returning Officer (RO) and Assistant Returning Officer (ARO) during specific electoral operations and periods of surge activity.  The RevO also assists in an administrative capacity as directed. 

Hours: Part time over the election period (31 days) as determined by the Returning Officer.  The number of hours will vary (up to 50 hrs).

Pay: $22.70/hour

See detailed job description.

Information & Resource Officer (IRO)

The Information & Resource Officer acts as poll supervisor and manages a polling place. The IRO ensures that the polls open and close on time, oversees staff, and ensures that processes are followed.

Hours: 7 to 14 hours/day

Pay: $375/day

See detailed job description.

Deputy Returning Officer (DRO)

The DRO reports to the Information and Resource Officer. They ensure electors are able to cast their ballot and oversee the count. The DRO supervises the Poll Clerk.

Hours: 7 to 14 hours/day

Pay: $300/day

See detailed job description.

Poll Clerk (PC)

The Poll Clerk reports to the DRO. The PC is responsible for supporting voting at the poll, maintains the poll book and other documents and participates in the count at the end of polling day.

Hours: 7 to 14 hours/day

Pay: $250/ day

See detailed job description.

Poll Attendant (PA)

The Poll Attendant is the first election officer that electors encounter. They help with the set-up and take down of the polling place, greet electors, assess their need to register and directs them to the appropriate station.

This position is also open to persons 16 & 17 years of age.

Hours: 7 to 14 hours/day

Pay: $19.70/hour

See detailed job description.

Revising Agent (RevA)

The Revising Agent may conduct targeted revision or other registration activities as assigned by the RO. 

Activities include registering electors, updating their registration, and confirming their identity prior to voting. RevAs will also support the IRO in polling place operations when available. 

Hours: Part time over the election period (31 days) as determined by the Returning Officer.  The number of hours will vary (up to 50 hrs).

Pay: $20.70/hour 

See detailed job description.

Standby Election Officer (SEO)

This position isn't assigned as they are fully trained and must remain on call during polling day, 

On polling day, they report to the poll supervisor, assist with set-up of the polling place and stay for at least 3 hours or as directed. 

Hours: As required for partial or full periods when polls are open. Minimum time is 3 hours per polling day.

Pay: $20.00/hour*

*if they cover another position than the pay will be adjusted to that position pay.

See detailed job description.

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