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Become a School Board Candidate


Nominations are now closed. Find the list of confirmed candidates

1. Check your eligibility

To be eligible to vote or be a candidate, you must be a Canadian citizen and at least 18 years of age on polling day (November 7, 2022). Each school board has specific eligibility criteria. Check your eligibility for the board you're seeking election to.

CSFY eligibility

FNSB eligibility

2. Complete your nomination package

Nominations must be made using the prescribed form. Nomination forms can be downloaded below or you can pick one up from:


nomination package

nomination package

To assist candidates participate, Candidate Guides are available for CSFY candidates and FNSB candidates.

3. Submit your completed nomination package

Completed nominations will be accepted between October 17 and 12 noon on October 27.

Completed nomination papers can be:

Completed nomination papers must be submitted before close of nominations on Thursday, October 27 at 12 noon.

4. Submit your photo and biography to Elections Yukon

Approved candidates may email a photograph and short biography to Elections Yukon. If submitted, photographs and biography will be published on the Elections Yukon’s webpage.

Photographs must:

  • Have been taken within the last 12 months;
  • Present a frontal view of the candidate’s head and shoulders; and
  • Exclude head coverings, unless required for religious or medical reasons.

Digital photos are required.  Photos cannot exceed 2MB and must be at least 500x500 pixels.

Biographies must be 200 words or less. If a biography contains more than 200 words, only the first 200 will be published. Biographies must be submitted in digital format.

Candidate Contact information may be included with your biography, and may be updated as required during the election period.

Photos and biographies must be approved by Elections Yukon, and, once approved, will be published to the Elections Yukon website as soon as practical.