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Returning Officers

Returning Officers are appointed by the Chief Electoral Officer under s. 27 of the Elections Act. Returning Officers are responsible for ensuring electoral events are administered and conducted at a consistent and high standard across the territory. They are directly responsible for the administration, conduct, and reporting of Electorial District-level electoral proceedings. As the local Elections Yukon representatives, Returning Officers are entrusted with upholding the neutrality of the territory's electoral process within their district.

Returning Officer recruitment and selection occurs through an independent merit-based competition.


The following Returning Officers have been appointed:


Melanie Pettefer

Brian Fidler



01 - Copperbelt North

02 - Copperbelt South


Dawn Kisoun

Lisa Pauls



03 - Klondike

04 – Kluane


Tracey Andrew

Joan Hyrve



05 – Lake Laberge

06 – Mayo-Tatchun


Walter Latour

Dawn Power



07 – Mount Lorne-Southern Lakes

08 – Mountainview


Lisa Snyder



09 – Pelly-Nisutlin



Joanne Green

Patrick Jackson

10 – Porter Creek Centre

11 – Porter Creek North


Vikki Quocksister

Lake Pearson

12 - Porter Creek South

13 – Riverdale North


Trina MacLeod

David Milne

14 – Riverdale South

15 – Takhini-Kopper King


Crystal Linklater

Kayla McMillan