The Chief Electoral Officer

The Office of the Chief Electoral Officer

The Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) is an officer of the Legislative Assembly of the Yukon. The appointment is by the Executive-in-Council on the recommendation of the Legislative Assembly. The appointment expires three months after the tabling of the final report of the first Electoral District Boundary Commission after appointment. The Chief Electoral Officer is a unique, stand-alone and does not report to an individual; the main reporting relationships are to the Legislative Assembly or to the Assembly's Members' Services Board. The Chief Electoral Officer is denied the right to vote in elections conducted under either the Elections Act or the Education Act

The Chief Electoral Officer exercises general direction and supervision over the administrative conduct of elections and by-elections as well as financial reporting, and enforces on the part of all elections officers fairness, impartiality and compliance with the provisions of the Elections Act. The position provides logistical support, performs and conducts the operation of the Elections Office and provides technical expertise with respect to the administration of elections, formulation and amendment of legislation, and establishment of policies, guidelines and procedures concerning elections activities. The position also establishes and manages systems for data collection, geomatics and information maintenance.

In the case of school elections, the Education Act provides direction for the election of members of school councils and trustees of school boards. There are 19 school councils across the territory. There are two school boards in the territory, the Commission scolaire francophone du Yukon (CSFY) and the First Nation School Board (FNSB).

The Chief  Electoral Officer is, by law, a member of the electoral district boundaries commission appointed following every second general election.

The Current CEO

H. Maxwell Harvey, Current CEO

Mr. Harvey joins Elections Yukon from Newfoundland and Labrador. Prior to his appointment, he served as a senior officer in the Royal Canadian Navy, was an Assistant Deputy Minister with the provincial government, and was a senior official with Elections Canada for the province. He was very active in community leadership as Chair and Director of a number of non-profit organizations. 

Mr Harvey holds a Master of Business Administration degree, a Canadian Forces Staff College Diploma, and a Bachelor of Arts degree. He holds academic and professional accreditations, including a Certificate in Executive Coaching, Certified Change Management Professional, and a Certified Human Resource Professional. 

Previous CEOs:

CEOAppointed fromAppointed to
H. Maxwell HarveyOctober 11, 2018Present
Lori McKeeAugust 9, 2014October 11, 2018
Brenda McCain-ArmourJune 25, 2013August 8, 2014
Jo-Ann WaughMarch 31, 2007June 25, 2013
Patrick L. Michael1983March 30, 2007


Prior to 1983, elections in Yukon were conducted under the Canada Elections Act and administrative responsibility was transferred to the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada.


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