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School Elections

School Council Elections

The Minister of Education has approved the 2022 School Council general election dates

School council elections are conducted in accordance with the Education Act.

School Council provides a way for Yukoners to get involved in the education of children. They provide advice to the Minister of Education on resource allocation, school programs, and attendance policies.

A general election is held every two years to elect members to each school council that represents the territory’s 19 attendance areas. The number of elected positions on each school council varies by attendance area.

Additional information for electors and candidates is now available.

Am I Eligible?

To be eligible to run or vote in school council elections, you must be:

  •  a Canadian citizen, and
  •  at least 18 years of age, and
  •  qualified to vote in the attendance area based on:
    • being a resident* in the attendance area for three months or more (residency); and/or
    • being a parent** of a student who attends the school (attendance), and
  • not already have voted in the attendance area in the school council election.

An elector may vote in the election for each school council for which they are eligible on the basis of residence or attendance.

*for schools established on the basis of religion, must also be registered members of Sacred Heart Cathedral parish or Our Lady of Victory parish; or have a letter of authority from the Bishop of the Episcopal Corporation of the Diocese of Whitehorse.
**“Parent” refers to the biological parents, the adoptive parents by custom or otherwise, the persons legally entitled to custody, or the persons who usually have the care and control of the child.

School Board Elections

School board elections are conducted in accordance with the Education Act.

A general election is held every three years to elect five trustees to each of the Yukon's school boards.

The below 10 schools are under the authority of a school board:

Commission Scolaire Francophone du Yukon

  • École Émilie-Tremblay
  • Centre scolaire secondaire communautaire Paul-Émile-Mercier (CSSC Mercier)

Yukon First Nations School Board

  • Chief Zzeh Gittlit
  • Grey Mountain Primary 
  • Johnson Elementary School 
  • Nelnah Bessie John
  • Ross River School
  • St. Elias Community School
  • Takhini Elementary
  • Watson Lake Secondary School 


For more information about school councils and boards, contact:

Department of Education
Lori Choquette
School Council Liaison
Box 2703 (E1)
Whitehorse, Yukon  Y1A 2C6
(867) 667-8226

Catholic Education Association of Yukon 
Katherine Williams
for the brochure "Understanding Whitehorse Catholic School Councils", click here

Catholic Episcopal Corporation of Whitehorse
Yolande Cherepak
Executive Assistant
St. Kateri Pastoral Centre
5119 - 5th Avenue
Whitehorse, YT  Y1A 3A2

Association of Yukon School Councils, Boards and Committees
Elaine Taylor
Executive Director
Box 30071
Whitehorse, YT  Y1A 5M2
(867) 336-2698
for the guide "Serving on a School Council", click here

Commission Scolaire francophone du Yukon
Marc Champagne
Directeur général
478 Range Road
Whitehorse, YT  Y1A 3A2
(867) 667-8680

Yukon First Nation School Board
Melissa Craig
Interim Executive Director
#300 - 204 Black Street
Whitehorse, YT  Y1A 2M9
(867) 667-6962 ext. 103

Elections Yukon
(867) 667-8683