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Financial Reports for Political parties and Elections

Annual Political Finance Reports

This is an annual revenue return to the Chief Electoral Officer filed by registered political parties on or before the last day of March each year. It provides the total revenues (contributions and total of ‘other revenues’) received by the political parties for the calendar year.  

  • This report sets out the total amount of the political party’s revenue and the number, type, and total amount of all contributions.
    • This report is limited to revenue. There are no financial statements such as balance sheets or income statements.  There is no requirement to report liabilities, detail other revenue, or surplus/deficit position, or identify assets, loans, or holdings

Election Finance Reports

Every registered political party and every candidate shall, within 90 days after the return to the writ, file an election financing return with the chief electoral officer.

These reports contain 3 separate returns:

Election Revenue Return (ERR): 

  • This report sets out the total amount of the registered political party or candidate has received for campaign purposes and identifies each amount included in the total. 

Election Expenses Return (EER): 

  • This report sets out the fair market value of all goods and services used during the election period.  Categories include electronic and print media, office and administration, personnel, election travel, and any other costs (such as candidate stipends).

Election Financing Return (EFR):  

  • This report sets out the total revenues (as reported in the election revenue return), total expenses (as reported in the election expenses return), and the amount surplus or deficit determined by subtracting total expenses from the total of all revenues received.
  • If a deficit is reported, the report shall include the names and addresses of all debt holders and the amount of each debt.  

Territorial General Elections and By-Elections

For older Election Financing Reports, please contact Elections Yukon