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ARCHIVED - Candidates in the 2024 school council elections

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Confirmed candidates have been invited to share information with voters, including their photos and/or biographies.They are published as submitted by the candidate. Any inaccuracies or errors in the candidate photos or biographies are the responsibility of the candidate.

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Voting will take place in-person at the school holding the election on:

  • Saturday, May 4 from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Monday, May 6 from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm



Christ the King Elementary School

The following candidates have been nominated for election at Christ the King Elementary School:


1. Milton Davis

Photo of Milton Davis, a candidate in the 2024 Christ the King School Council election


Hey everyone! As my children grow and begin school, my first son starting this year, I see council as a great opportunity to walk alongside them in their education years. I am Red Seal Technician in the Automotive Trade but have dedicated myself doing missionary work all over Canada over the last 10 prior to moving to the beautiful Yukon. Here in the Yukon, I've ministered to our youth through Youth on Fire and have volunteered with other groups as well. I look forward to being able to serve our children, staff members and families at Christ the King Elementary.





2. Kayla Jurovich

Photo of Kayla Jurovich, a candidate in the 2024 Christ the King School Council election


Hi everyone, I’m Kayla. I am a born and raised Yukoner, Christ the King alumni and mother of two awesome boys. I have one son currently at CKES and another son starting in the fall.

The Yukon has always been my home/community and I am grateful to be able to share all it has to offer with my family. I work as a licensing officer with the Yukon government and in my free time I enjoy spending it with my family and friends. I enjoy exploring the outdoors, walking our dogs, watercolor painting, playing board games and building Lego.

I am running for school council as I want to be involved in my children’s education and lend my support to school staff and CKES families. Education has a very important role in the lives of our children and we need to keep our children’s best interests at the forefront.




3. Rocío Castro

Photo of Rocio Castro, a candidate in the 2024 Christ the King School Council election


Hello! I’m Rocío, which is Spanish for Dew :) I’m originally from Toronto & moved to the Yukon in late 2022, where I’ve discovered why people fall in love so hard with the Yukon! I am currently the administrative clerk with the CEAY & being an aunt & godmother to 19 beautiful kids of various ages, I’m very much aware of the importance of a solid education for all kids.  I hope to lend my support to the families by representing their interests in the school council.




4. Evan Moffat

Photo of Evan Moffat, a candidate in the 2024 Christ the King School Council election


Since moving to the Yukon in 2008, Evan Moffat has fully embraced life in the wilderness city through activities like hunting, fishing, and hiking its extensive trail system. His appreciation for the Whitehorse community has deepened through years of exploration. Initially drawn to the Yukon with ambitions of learning a trade, Evan pursued electrical studies at Yukon University. After working nine years at a local electrical company, he established his own electrical business. Beyond his professional endeavours, Evan dedicates time to volunteering in various roles. He is an active member of the Pineridge Association and teaches drums at Bethany Church's School of Worship. Moreover, Evan is passionate about encouraging children to have a healthy academic and God-centred experience in the education system. 




5. Emilie Dory

Photo of Emilie Dory, a candidate in the 2024 Christ the King School Council election


Hello Christ the King Elementary Community! I am a dedicated mother of two wonderful children at our school, with my son in Grade 1 and my daughter in Grade 3. Having called Whitehorse home for over a decade and originally hailing from France with my husband Nico, I respect and cherish the faith and values that our school upholds.

My professional journey includes significant experience in managerial roles within nonprofit as well as private organizations. Securing funding, planning and organizing events are among my key strengths. And I am also currently completing the final stage of my MBA.

I am grateful for the vibrant and supportive environment our school offers to students and families. I am running for school council because I am committed to supporting the hardworking staff and administrators, as well as every family in our community. I believe in making a positive impact and look forward to the possibility of serving our school community and contributing to a bright and successful future for our children at Christ the King Elementary.



6. Alethea Wallace

Photo of Alethea Wallace, a candidate in the 2024 Christ the King School Council election


Hi everyone, my name is Alethea Wallace. I have been living in the Yukon for the last seven years and am the mother of one child who attends Christ the King Elementary School. I believe strongly in Catholic education that is rooted in faith, and I am currently the principal of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Secondary School. I have put my name forward because I am committed to building relationships with families. As a representative on CKES School Council, I will support the principal and our school community with implementing new ideas or initiatives, participating in school-wide fundraising, and providing the community voice and parent perspective on important school topics in a way that is most beneficial to student learning.




7. Mike Sninder

Photo of Mike Snider, a candidate in the 2024 Christ the King School Council election

Hi, Christ the King Elementary School Community

I am a dedicated parent with four children that are all part of the Catholic education system in Yukon. We have had children in Christ the King Elementary since 2013, and we value the education and experiences that this learning community offers.

I am a lifelong learner and have been working in education for the past 22 years in various roles including Teacher, Counsellor, Administrator, Educational Consultant, and Team Leader. Twelve of these years have been in Yukon schools. I currently serve in the marriage ministry of my church, at Camp Yukon, and on the Yukon Teachers Professional Development Committee. I am a past board member of Bethany Church, Skills Canada Yukon and Destination Imagination.

Educationally, I have a Doctorate in Education, a Masters in Counselling and am also a certified coach, teacher, and more importantly, a parent who cares about the education of our children.

I believe in faith-based education and all the positive things that result from a community that builds character. 

I would appreciate the opportunity to serve this community to bring about positive change and growth for the CKES community while adhering to Biblical principles and BC Curriculum.




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Holy Family Elementary School

The following candidates have been nominated for election at Holy Family Elementary School:

1. Kenechukwu Onwudinjo

Photo of Kenechukwu Onwudinjo, a candidate in the 2024 Holy Family School Council election


Kenechukwu Onwudinjo (kene) is a Catholic, mother, community builder, researcher, public speaker, multi-lingual Nigerian Canadian, author of Child of My Mother, and member of the Governance and Nominating Committee of the Canadian Authors Association. Kene started her career as a university professor in 2013. She holds a BA and MA (English); she is completing an MA at Athabasca University where she sits on the just-elected AUGSA Council. Kene’s family were delegates of Our Lady of Victory Inuvik parish at the 2019 Returning to the Spirit Reconciliation Workshop, Trapper’s Lake, Yellowknife, as part of the ongoing Truth and Reconciliation. Kene is trauma-informed and has worked to support Indian Day School (IDS) claimants to receive federal government compensation. Having previously worked internationally and lived in Saskatchewan, NWT, and Alberta, Kene brings a unique multi-dimensional skill set informed by diverse professional and lived experiences.

Drawing insights from her ongoing active engagement at HFES events and school council meetings, Kene will work towards achieving a safe space for parents/guardians to be heard, respected, consulted, informed, and taken seriously, and address bullying, (including bullying of HFES parents/guardians), racism and silencing.

Kene is married to David MacMartin, and they have a wonderful daughter.


2. David MacMartin

Photo of David MacMartin, a candidate in the 2024 Holy Family School Council election


David MacMartin and Kenechukwu Onwudinjo are Catholic parents of a Grade One student at Holy Family Elementary School (HFES) and members of Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish.  David is a career corporate and Indigenous government relations professional.  This followed his acquiring an undergraduate degree in Political Science and Master of Arts Degrees in Public Administration and in History.  He negotiated significant agreements with provincial governments while working for Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) and for Bristol-Myers Squibb Company and has worked for three Indigenous Governments, including now as Executive Director of the Carcross/Tagish First Nation (C/TFN) Government.  David has experience managing community engagements and worked on strategic research projects as a public opinion research consultant at Decima Research Ltd.  He provides monthly support to a young teenage boy in the Sudan. David aims to transform HFES into a Catholic School reflecting the Catholic Education Association of Yukon (CEAY) “Five Marks of Catholic School Identity.” This will include developing and ensuring accountability for school administrators, staff and Yukon Education Department officials following new, Catholic values informed policies and operational guidelines for HFES.  He also will work towards conducting a plebiscite on establishment of a Yukon Catholic School Board.


3. Shirah Davis

Photo of Shirah Davis, a candidate in the 2024 Holy Family School Council election



While I am a nurse by career and passion, I am a mother by vocation and the Lord has given me a zeal to serve my family and my children wholeheartedly. In this light, I have served on council for the past 2 years and currently am the president of the Catholic Education Association (CEAY). The beauty and uniqueness of the Yukon applies not only to this land, but to our rich and thriving communities that have brought me adventure and growth. I hope to continue serving the families in our schools as we journey together in the light and truth of Christ.





4. Liz Berg

Photo of Liz Berg, a candidate in the 2024 Holy Family School Council election


Liz Berg is originally from Langley, BC and has been a member of the Whitehorse community since June 2022 after falling in love with the Yukon while travel nursing at Whitehorse General Hospital the previous year. After purchasing a home in Porter Creek, her children settled in, with two attending Holy Family Elementary School. She has 3 children, Hazel, 7 years old, Louie, 5 years old, and Holly, who is 3 years old. She is so thankful for the thoughtful staff at HFES and the community around it. She works as an instructor in the Nursing program at Yukon University with a strong background in maternity nursing. When not working she is involved in coaching softball for Softball Yukon, skiing, spending time outdoors, and attempting to convince her children the gourmet meal she cooked is, in fact, delicious.




5. Sarah Hougen

Photo of Sarah Hougen, a candidate in the 2024 Holy Family School Council election


Sarah Hougen is a mother of two wonderful boys - Linden (9) and Jaxon (5)- who will both be attending Holy Family next year. She has been an engaged Yukoner since 2010 when she moved to Whitehorse from Alberta. With a Ba/Sc & B.Ed, she has experience working in Yukon schools and loves to be a part of the school community. After taking a couple years to raise her kiddos she is now a Realtor and local business owner of a kitchen design and residential development company. With nothing but adoration and respect for our local teachers and administrators she wants to do her part volunteering for HFES and helping out in all ways that best supports our school community and all that goes with it.

After being raised in the Calgary Catholic School System, Sarah’s goal on HFES school council is to continue to support an inclusive community while making sure all voices are respected and heard. She supports the current vision of the school and hard work of the previous school council and wants to do her part to continue their hard work while considering any requested updates that are important to the current community.



6. Robyn Burns

Photo of Robyn Burns, a candidate in the 2024 Holy Family School Council election


Robyn is a natural leader and relationship builder with a proven track record of never shying away from tough conversations. After more than 15 years with the CBC, Robyn approaches every aspect of her life with journalistic curiosity, objectivity and integrity.

"Our school community is a very special place; one that allows our children to grow in a healthy and supported environment. Educators at HFES teach our children foundational touch stones that will be with them for life. I want to build on the great work of previous HFES school councils and continue advocating for students and educators who make up our diverse school community. I will work tirelessly to ensure that our school council remembers that at the end of the day, we're all here for our children."

Sidebar: Robyn also hopes to achieve a safe way to carefully integrate peanuts back into classrooms where there is no allergy, the way other school communities have successfully been able to.


7. Nancy Heinbigner


8. Brandon Morris


9. Sara Poirier

Photo of Sara Poirier, a candidate in the 2024 Holy Family School Council election


Hi my name is Sara and I'm a christian from Quebec where I used to work as a social educator for homeless people.
I've been living in Whitehorse with my husband and young children for the last six years.

I strongly believe how important education is for this generation and for all children.
In bygone days people used to say that to make people happy and satisfied you only need to give them 'bread and games'. Well... I believe that children need the best of 'bread' and best of 'games' to be satisfied and reach true happiness. Human soul is created to be nourished in abundance and this is why I would like to have a voice in the school council.



10. Jody Eikelboom

Photo of Jody Eikelboom, a candidate in the 2024 Holy Family School Council election


Jody Eikelboom has lived here since 2012; staying (like many Yukoners) for faaaar longer than the originally planned 4 months.  Whitehorse is now home, along with my husband and 2 kids (Kindergarten and Grade 2).

I love to cross country ski – and have been a coach of youth programs for 6 years.  I mostly have a blast while coaching, and those experiences have taught me the importance of helpers and supportive parents in providing a fun, safe, and positive atmosphere for kids to try new things. 

I am putting my name forward for school council because I want to be part of the support system for teachers, staff and administration so that they can confidently provide that fun, safe, and positive atmosphere for our kids.  





11. Gina Anderson

Photo of Gina Anderson, a candidate in the 2024 Holy Family School Council election


I’ve been on school council for 4 years and I hope to have the privilege of serving for another term. Over the years, I’ve taken great joy in being able to secure funding through various grants and programs for the initiatives that School Council has undertaken. I’ve been vital in spearheading projects such as the annual Spelling Bee and the Outdoor Classroom. Planning and organizing events are one of my strengths.

I have 2 children at Holy Family Elementary (one in kindergarten and one in Grade 3). I am grateful for our wonderful school community and I want to continue supporting our hard working staff and administrators (seriously, sometimes I think they need to don superhero capes!), our amazing students and their families.


12. Daniel Harms


13. Barbara Drury

Photo of Barbara Drury, a candidate in the 2024 Holy Family School Council election


My name is Barbara Drury. I was raised in Dawson City by my hard-working, gold-mining parents, Marion and Harold Schmidt. My husband Bill and I live in the Ibex Valley where we raised 5 children. We now have 7 grandchildren, 2 of which attend Holy Family Elementary School.

I am a long-time farmer and raise beef, elk and haskaps. I care deeply about the land, healthy food, and the well-being of families. Education of children is important to me, as is the Catholic faith. I’m a newly formed Catholic and belong to the Sacred Heart Parish, where I enjoy singing in the choir.

Strengths and experience I would bring to the Holy Family Elementary School Council include:

  • A multigenerational perspective.
  • My experience providing school-farm education programs for Whitehorse-area elementary schools since 1988.
  • My experience teaching Sunday school to my grandchildren and neighourhood children.
  • Serving our community through 8 years on various councils and associations (Yukon Agricultural Association, Ibex Hamlet Council, Ta’an Renewable Resource Council).
  • Experience with advocacy and facility with writing.




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St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Secondary School

The following candidates have been nominated for election at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Secondary School:

1. Christopher Potvin

Photo of Christopher Potvin a candidate in the 2024 St. Francis of Assisi School Council election


Greetings! I’ve lived in Whitehorse for 10 years, and initially worked for the federal government when I arrived.  Since that time, I started my own engineering consulting firm, which has been operating now for 5 years.  I have a doctoral degree in environmental engineering, and believe strongly in the importance of education.  I spend most of my free time with my wife and our daughter.  I volunteer as a member of Sacred Heart Cathedral on the Braeburn Lake Christian Camp Association (BLCCA), as well as on the Catholic Education Association of Yukon (CEAY).  I’m also an assistant catechist in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program, and I’m a confirmed catholic.  I am very eager to work with the staff and students at Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Secondary School.  If elected to this position, I will do my best to help the school remain committed to the academic and spiritual education of the students.


2. Ben Yu Schott


3. Ryan Sikkes


4. Rod Bagaslao


Photo of Rod Bagaslao, a candidate in the 2024 St. Francis of Assisi School Council election


Pax Christi! I am humbled, honoured, and excited to present myself as a candidate for the school board of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Secondary School. I called Whitehorse my home for the last 7 years and since then raised my family in this beautiful city. I am born and raised as a Roman Catholic and a strong believer of catholic education being a product of the same education myself. I am a lawyer by profession doing immigration work, real estate, and wills and estates. I am currently doing my Master of Laws at Osgoode Hall Law School-York University in Toronto. I am married to a teacher, Remelyn, for 20 years and have 2 boys who attended St. Francis. I am a member of the Knights of Columbus, the Law Society of Yukon, Canadian Bar Association, Canadian Filipino Association of the Yukon, and the Yukon Local Immigration Partnership. If elected, I will work with the school on enhancing its catholic formation curriculum, foster a culture of inclusivity and respect, advocate for resources and funding to enhance student experience, and encourage open communication and collaboration among parents, teachers, and administrators.




5. Jeanette Gallant

Photo of Jeanette Gallant, a candidate in the 2024 St. Francis of Assisi School Council election


Hello! I have worked in various leadership roles in the educational field for over 25 years, including as vice-principal at Vanier (now SFA) and am currently the principal at CKES. I believe that our strong Catholic schools come from the quality of our staff and the mission and values of the Catholic school. Our connection to a spiritual life and service to others cultivate the moral and ethical development of our students. As a parishioner at Sacred Heart Cathedral since 2002, I am grateful to the Catholic faith and community. I absolutely love our Catholic schools and am committed to their work. As a mother of two boys, (one in grade 8 and the other in grade 12 at SFA), I understand the perspective of parents. Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Secondary School serves a wonderful diversity of families. I hope all parents/guardians will feel safe reaching out to me and trust that I will represent their voices as we support SFA.




6. Katherine Williams


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2024 school council candidates

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