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Referendum Vote on a Yukon First Nation School Board to be Held in January 2022

November 15, 2021
Elections Yukon will administer a referendum vote in January 2022 for those school attendance areas where a resolution was passed by school council or a petition to be part of a school board was accepted by the Minister of Education. If one or more referendum results support that school being part...

Elections Yukon Registers the Yukon Freedom Party

November 15, 2021
Pursuant to the Elections Act , Elections Yukon registered the Yukon Freedom Party today as Yukon’s fourth political party. The four registered political parties in Yukon now include: Yukon Liberal Party Yukon Party Yukon New Democratic Party Yukon Freedom Party Upon the registration and completion...

2020 Annual Revenue Returns - Contributions to Political Parties Report

September 2, 2021
The report on 2020 Annual Contributions to Political Parties is available now ! This annual report by Elections Yukon summarizes the revenue received by registered political parties for the 2020 calendar year.

2021 Territorial General Election Official Results

April 15, 2021
The Official Addition was conducted today in the 19 returning offices across the territory. This process involves opening the sealed ballot boxes to remove the Statement of the Poll and to officially add up the numbers of ballots cast for each candidate and the number of rejected ballots. On...