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Elections Yukons Releases Report On Territorial Election Readiness

Date:  Monday, December 21, 2020

Elections Yukon continues to prepare for the next territorial general election which can be called at any time before November 18, 2021.  Elections Yukon must be ready to administer the election whenever it is called.

The Chief Electoral Officer, Maxwell Harvey, submitted a report today to the speaker to be tabled in the Legislative Assembly entitled, “Report of the Chief Electoral Officer – An Update on Territorial Election Readiness.”  This report provides an overview of the major changes since the 2016 election, some of challenges and opportunities in electoral readiness, and some of the areas of activity involved in electoral readiness.  This report is available online at

Quote by Maxwell Harvey:  “Since the previous territorial election in 2016, there have been some important changes to election legislation, processes and technical modernization that will continue to evolve electoral services for the elector.  Our work is focused on your right to vote and be a candidate, safe and secure election delivery, and our mandate to administer fair, compliant and impartial elections.  This report provides an overview at some of the ongoing work of electoral readiness to deliver on the democratic process of elections.”

Contact Elections Yukon
Dave Wilkie
Assistant Chief Electoral Officer

Phone: 867-667-8683 or 1-866-668-8683 (toll free)

Elections Yukon is an independent non-partisan office of the Legislative Assembly that is responsible for the administration of territorial, school council and school board elections.

For more information please see the Report to the Legislative Assembly.