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Elections Yukon Partnership With Civix

Date:  Thursday, April 8, 2021


Elections Yukon in partnership with CIVIX, is offering Student Vote Yukon to engage youth in the territorial election. As part of this program, elementary and high school students will get to experience the voting process firsthand and practice active and informed citizenship.

“Elections Yukon is very pleased to join with CIVIX to deliver the Student Vote program. It is an exciting and important opportunity to provide awareness and opportunity to youth to engage in the democratic processes. Whether registering to vote or working at a poll, or working for a campaign for a candidate, or learning about and discussing issues that matter to them, it will support and enrich their citizenship journey. It will help prepare them for when they turn 18 and their right to vote and a candidate” said Max Harvey, Chief Electoral Officer of Elections Yukon.

For the full details please download the press release below.

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