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2021 Territorial General Election: Today Is Polling Day – Monday April 12

Date:  Monday, April 12, 2021



All polls opened on time across the territory.

  • In total there are 29 polling locations open today throughout the territory. There are 102 polling stations open to serve electors (including four institutional polls).
  • There are results from 102 polls on polling day to be counted. Some poll results will be combined, where certain polls have low elector numbers (such as some care homes). This is to protect the secrecy of the vote.
  • The results from the 35 advance polls held on April 4 and 5 will be counted today.
  • The results from 19 special ballot polls will be counted today. These special ballots have been received at returning offices from electors of the district.
  • The results from 19 special ballot polls will be counted today. These special ballots are being received at Elections Yukon by mail, by drop box, and from returning offices.
  • In total there are 175 polls to be reported after 8 PM (results available at
  • Approximately 480 election workers will be employed at returning offices and for polling day polls. There were over 135 employed at the advance polls.

Note: Special ballot applications ended on Friday. Special ballots must be returned by close of polls
today, to either the returning office in the electoral district of the elector or to Elections Yukon drop box. Mail returns will be accepted at Elections Yukon until 8 PM tonight.

Electors can check where they vote from their Voter Information Card, from the Elections Yukon website (Where Do I vote?), from their returning office, or they can contact Elections Yukon Help desk (867) 667-8683.


Contact Elections Yukon
Dave Wilkie, Assistant Chief Electoral Officer
Phone: 867-667-8683 or 1-866-668-8683 (toll free)


Elections Yukon is an independent non-partisan office of the Legislative Assembly that is responsible for the administration of territorial, school council and school board elections.

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