Information Sheet for Territorial Returning Officer Position

Updated 3 mos ago

Elections Yukon is an independent, non-partisan office responsible for the administration of territorial general elections, school council elections, and school board elections. All Returning Officers must be non-partisan at all times during their appointment.

Returning Officers are responsible to the chief electoral officer for the preparation and delivery of fair, compliant and impartial elections in their electoral district.

THE AVAILABILITY Elections Yukon must be ready to deliver an electoral event at any time. Throughout their terms of appointment, Returning Officers must be available part-time to complete training and carry out preparatory assignments, as directed by Elections Yukon. All Returning Officers must be prepared to complete training and readiness tasking activities when required. Each readiness task requires a set number of hours to complete. The schedule for readiness assignments is established by Elections Yukon and communicated to Returning Officers as far in advance as possible.

THE HOURS When an election is called, Returning Officers must be able to begin administration of the provincial electoral event in their electoral district immediately and as requested for the duration of the election period. During the 6-7 weeks of an electoral event, they must be available to open and operate their Returning Officer office (34-35 days minimum) with time commitments of 4-8 pm Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Saturday and 12 noon - 4:00 p.m. Sunday.
Other specific days such as the Close of Nomination Day, the two Advance Polling Days and Polling Day the hours will be longer, up to 15 hours a day.

THE PAY Election period pay is $5,750 with additional pay for certain milestone activities. There is a yearly honorarium of $545. Readiness tasks are conducted normally in 4-8 hours blocks and at least twice a year done on your own time at $28/hr. Pay for training is $190/day. The Tariff of Fees is under review.

THE QUALIFICATIONS AND SKILLS Management experience, service oriented, well organized, strong communication skills and computer proficiency. Able to work in dynamic and fast paced work environment. Previous election experience is not required.


For more information see the job description or contact 1-866-668-8683 or