Returning Officer Opportunities - School Council Elections

Updated 1 mo ago

The Position: Returning Officers are responsible to the chief electoral officer for the preparation and delivery of fair, compliant and impartial elections in their school attendance area.

Currently accepting applications for the following school attendance area: outside Whitehorse. You must be a Canadian citizen, 18 years of age, lived in the school attendance area at least 3 months or be the parent/guardian of a student attending the school in the attendance area.

Outside Whitehorse School

  • Ross River School

The Availability: Appointments are short term on a part time basis over a 3-4 week period including "office hours", for 1 to 2 hours Monday - Satruday between the call for Nominations and the Election of the member(s), at least 3 hours on the Close of Nominations day and at least 7 hours on Polling Day. The period is from early April to early May 2020. Training is 1 day in mid-March or early April.

The Pay: $925 for the election period, including polling day ($730 if no nominations received or all candidates acclaimed), $140 for the use of your home as a returning office and $125 for attending training session in Whitehorse (plus travel costs)

The Qualifications and Skills: No previous election experience is required. Positive attitude, good working relationships with public, effective communicator, experience in managing and coordinating multiple activities, basic computer skills, and committed to administering a fair, impartial and compliant election process.

Deadline to Apply: Extended to Friday, January 17, 2020 by 4PM (PST). For a job description and application: APPLY →

For Attendance Area Maps and Additional Information: (867)667-8683